Getting your API Token

To access existing API tokens or to create a new one, navigate to Tools > API and select the “API Tokens” tab.

If you do not have any existing tokens, click the “New Token” button to the right of the screen.

Creating a new API token

Use the checkboxes to set the permissions that your new API token should have.

For form reporting, the token will require READ access for form data as shown:

Once the permissions have been set, click “Add Token”. This will generate the new API token and display it on the page:

You can view this token at any time by going back to the API Token list, and clicking “View” next to the token you would like to view:

Security note: This token now has access to read and write the Formitize data selected during setup. It must be kept secure. Do not publish this token to any public documents, or to persons who are not authorised to access the data this token gives access to. 

We recommend only giving a token access to the data it requires to complete its function.