Connecting to Power BI

  • In PowerBI, select “From Web” as the data source.

  • Select the “Advanced” radio button to show further options.

  • In “URL Parts”, paste the API link for the report data that can be found on the Manage CSV page.

  • Under “HTTP request header parameters”, add a new header called “Authorization”.

    Note: that it must begin with a capital A, and be spelled with a “z” to be accepted.

  • As the value for this Authorization header, type “Bearer ” and then paste your API token.

    It should look something like:
    Bearer 17813-c964b6be-ea9b-44ab-b2b7-287e57d6c500

    Note: “Bearer” must have a capital “B”, and there must be a single space between “Bearer” and the token.

  • Press “OK” to finalise and connect the data source.