You can customise the templates for emails and SMS messages that are used when sending an invoice. These templates can use placeholders to automatically insert data from the invoice into the email message.

The templates can be managed in Settings > Accounts >
 Invoices. Scroll down to the sections Invoice Email and Invoice SMS
 (see the screenshot below).

In the above settings for the Invoice Email and Invoice SMS, users can configure the template by adding the required placeholders. Besides the usual content one expects to see on the email of SMS message, users should include the "Link to Invoice/Quote" And "Invoice Pay Now" placeholders to generate the link and the QR code - more info about placeholders is provided below.

Placeholder link

As rendered on Email

Link to Invoice/Quote

Example: Open INV-00004 - Click to open the invoice.

Invoice PayNow

Generate a link to PayNow and a QR code to scan and PayNow.