Just like the invoices in the Web Portal, the App has share buttons that provides fast and reliable payment communication between our Formitize Users and their customers.

Share can be found in the Job view by going to Jobs > open the Job, at the bottom of the page:

And in Invoices and Quotes by going to Accounts > select Invoices or Quotes > open the invoice/quote, at the bottom of the page:

Clicking on Share, will come up with a number of options that you can select from:

Share Link

This exciting feature allows you to share the link to the invoice via most mobile platform messaging services (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more), set up personal reminders or notifications with the link, paste the link into notes, and so on.

QR Code

If your customer would like to view the invoice while you are on site and has a mobile device that can scan QR codes, you can select the QR Code option, and the unique generated code will be displayed, so that all they need to do is scan it and they will be redirected to the invoice or quote. If PayNow is enabled, then they will be able to pay the invoice on the spot (What is PayNow?).


This will direct you to an Email form that will be automatically filled out with the Invoice Email template that you can edit in your invoice settings just below the PayNow options (see: Invoice Email and Invoice SMS). You can make any specific edits to it, or simply hit Send.


This will do the same as Email, except take you to the SMS template that can be edited in the Invoice settings (see: Invoice Email and Invoice SMS). You can make any edits that you need to, or just hit Send.