You have the option to add a processing fee to invoices that are paid using our PayNow feature. Processing fees are a percentage added to the invoice total.

Restrictions to charging processing fees existing in some locations. Check your local regulations.

Processing fees are displayed to your customer on the PayNow payment form. In the example below, a $1.70 processing fee is shown, reflecting a 1.7% fee applied to the invoice total. The total amount of $101.70, which includes the processing fee, is displayed in bold.


Once the transaction has been successfully processed via PayNow, the processing fee is added as a line item to the invoice, and the invoice PDF will be regenerated. Note that this processing fee line item is only added to invoices after a successful PayNow transaction. If the customer pays using a different method (such as direct deposit or cash), no processing fee will be incurred.

Settings for PayNow Processing Fees include:

  • Charge a processing fee: This option increases the invoice amount to allow customers to be reimbursed for processing fees. A warning is included to check local regulations before passing on surcharges.
  • Processing Fee: This is a percentage markup of the invoice total.
  • Payment Fee income account: Sets the income account for the processing fee. This is required when using an accounting integration with Xero or QuickBooks.
  • Payment Fee tax code: Sets the tax code for the processing fee. This is required when using an accounting integration with Xero or QuickBooks.

Determining surcharge percentages

Businesses need to check their local regulations regarding processing fees and set their own fees accordingly.

Processing fees for PayNow include:

The actual processing fees charged per transaction are influenced by factors such as the country of the business, the currency used, the card type, and the country of issue of the paying card.  

A common method to calculate a surcharge rate to aiming to include all charges is to average the processing fees over a period of time (example 3 months). This approach helps account for the variance in rates and charges due to the above factors. Stripe offers various reports that can help you calculate your average transaction fees,

Examples of guidelines for applying surcharges for Australian customers are linked below: