The contact drawer has given us the ability to email contacts or users from almost anywhere in Formitize. And attachments can be added to those emails, so that you can send someone an email without having to leave a list or window.

For example: 

When in the Invoices list, you can click on the contact's name and the slider will bring up the billing details, where you can select the email communications from the Billing information, or even select the Contacts tab and choose the email communications symbol for the specific contact you would like to send to.

This will create a secondary slider to appear, where you can enter the email body message, and if you scroll down, there is a section called Attachments.

Once you click on that, it will take you to another slider where you can either select a Resource that has already been added to your Formitize account, or you can select a file that has been saved on your computer, either by tapping the Drap & Drop' section and selecting the path to the file or drag and drop that file to the section. Then Click on the 'Attach' button that appears at the bottom of the list.

The attachment file(s) will now appear as attachments, and you can send the email.