Currently ou cannot change the colour if each job in the Scheduler by User - the colous in the Scheduler jobs are based on job status update, though . Be default, the colour for those jobs which have been completed is grey, and overdue incomplete jobs are red.

If changing the job colours by User is something that you would like to potentially see in the future, a suggestion/request can be made in the Formitize Feature baseIt may already exist as a request, in which case it can be upvoted and commented on..

You can change the colour of jobs as per status guide, go to CRM > Scheduler in the Web Portal., and. go down to the Settings at the bottom of the page.

If you click on the colour palette icon, it will come up with the colour settings for the job, This is where you will find the settings for the colours. You can change them by simply clicking on the coloured circle and selecting from the colour tool. Once you have the colour you would like for the status, click on Save.