You can find all of your account settings by clicking on the Settings Cog in the top right-hand corner of your Formitize Web Portal .

Once you have selected the Settings Cog, click on the Company Profile tab. This will open four new options for you to select from.

Click on Company Details. From this page, you can add details such as your Company Business Number, Full Address, and other forms of Contact Details. Company details can be used throughout your account to pre populate details into forms, job type template communication, terms and conditions on quotes and invoices.

Make sure you Save after making any changes.

You can also now go back to the Company Profile tab and select Logo & Colour. From this page, you can add your company logo to your account, as well as choose the main theme colour you will see throughout the Formitize Web Portal, App, and all of your Formitize Specialist Pest & Termite Reports.

The next step to set up your account is customizing your invoice settings, learn more here.