To edit a contact in the Web Portal, you can edit them in the CRM Contact card, or with the slider drawer while remaining in the Contacts list.

To access the full CRM Contact, go to CRM > Contacts > search for Billing / Contact name > click on the Contact ID number or the View Arrow at the end of the row.

Select either the Billing tab or Contacts tab > click the edit pen for the information you would like to edit. You can also edit a contact's Location by clicking on the Locations tab.

When you hover over a clickable image, it will let you know what you are about to do:

You can now edit the contact details while staying on the Contacts list page as well now. Clicking on the Billing Name, the Contact Name and the Edit pen tool will bring up different options while you are able to keep the list open, to save having to load a new page.

When you click the Billing Name the slider will bring up the Billing details, you can then select the Edit pen. You can send emails, SMS, or call a customer via the blue buttons in the slider drawer. Hovering over an image in the drawer will tell you what you are about to do as well. You can also edit Contacts or Locations details by clicking on the corresponding tabs.

When you click on the Edit pen in the list, you are taken directly to the editing page of the drawer for the Billing details, so that you can directly edit the details there.

To return to the Contacts list, you can either Save the details, or click off of the drawer and the drawer will close.

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