Job Types are like templates for the different types of jobs you perform. You can save a lot of time creating new jobs when you have set up the Job Type templates first.

Job Type templates include 

Job Details

Title - this becomes the title of the job when its created (this can be edited on the job itself)

Description - this becomes the job note, it is an optional field and can also be edited when creating the job. 

Scheduler colour - this colour shows in the top right of the job in the Web Portal to easily identify the types of jobs that are booked in the app this show in the Diary list view as a dot next to each job.

Duration - this is the typical duration for this type of job, again can be changed. 

Forms to Attach, Safety Rules, Assignable User Groups, Job Status Updates and Future Reminders.

Job Types enable different Safety First forms to be added for the different Job Types and the completion rules can also be customized on a Job Type basis.

Job Type Tutorial Video 

Find out more about Job Type Templates here.