Future Reminders can be sent as Emails, SMS, Letters or internal Tasks can be created. You can customize the content of the Reminders using placeholders to pull CRM information into your reminders.

You can Add multiple Future Reminders just by clicking the + button in your Web Portal, CRM > Jobs > Job Type >(Either Create a new Job Type or Edit an Existing Job Type) and select the Future Reminders tab at the top of the screen.

Job Type Tutorial Video 

There are a selection of different Reminder types: Email, SMS, Printable PDF Letter, and Task reminder.

You can also have more than one reminder type set up for a job, by pressing the + button to add multiple future reminders. For example, if you would like an email to be sent a week before the job, and then an SMS a day before, and a task reminder for your users that the job is due to be done. You can also set reminders to be sent after a job has been completed, by setting up a Job Status Update (How do I add a Job Status Update?)

Once you have selected the reminder type, then you can begin filling out other details for the reminder, such as where it will be sending, whether there is a reminder type template that you have created and would like to use, and the body of the message. Placeholders can be used in most of these fields by pressing Ctrl + Space and selecting the placeholder from the dropdown that appears.

Any placeholders that are red when selected, will not fill out the value that it is related to.

Once you've finished creating the reminder(s), then click on the Save button at the bottom.