The Administrator has the ability to customise the permissions for each User, based on what they would like them to have access to.

The Web Portal's User setting features enables you to disable permissions for various actions such as modifying jobs, creating invoices or quotes, and more. 

To customise these settings, Web Portal > Users > View Users > and Select Edit on the User you would like to customise. As well as these options you can also turn off the Job Value being visible on each Job on the check box at the bottom of the screen when creating the Job.

If a User has enabled app notifications from Formitize, they will receive a ping notification when a job is assigned to them. Jobs can be viewed on the app through both the Jobs and Diary tab. 

The jobs view displays all jobs that have been assigned to the user, while the day view shows jobs assigned to the user for the current day. The week view displays all jobs assigned to the user for the week, and the queued jobs view shows all jobs in the queue for the group(s) with which the User is associated. 

When viewing jobs in the diary, make sure that the user has selected the relevant User(s) they need to view in the diary. By default, their own user profile will be selected.