Depending on the User's permission, a Job can be edited either through the Web Portal or the App.

Web Portal, Jobs > View Jobs > Edit > make changes > save / dispatch.

If you just wish to edit the Contact or Billing information, then you can click on the Billing name to open up the drawer on the right side of the screen to the Billing details, or click on the Contact name to open the drawer on the Contact details. You can then select the Edit Pen for what you'd like to edit > Edit details > Save, and click off the drawer to return to the Jobs list.

To edit a job in the scheduler, click the job that you would like to edit > Edit Job > make changes and save / dispatch

To edit a Job in the App you will need to go to Jobs > search the job you would like to edit > swipe left > select Edit and make your changes > save / dispatch.

Through the Diary on the App a job can be edited. Diary > press on job that you would like to edit > select edit > make changes > Save.

Or holding down on a job in the Diary will take you to the job page as shown above and the option to edit is available.