Yes, you can upload/import your existing jobs into Formitize, Jobs > Import Jobs.

First, you will need to have your list of jobs to import saved in a CSV file.


1. The golden rule of any import is the end result is only as good as the data source, or put another way, “Rubbish in – Rubbish out”. The importing document must therefore be a “clean import” with all data in the same consistent format throughout.

Below is the list of default Formitize job details that can be linked to information when importing jobs from a CSV file. The column titles don't need to be the same, so long as you know what ones can be linked to the fields that are required:

  • Client Name - if the client exists in your CRM, then the Billing name here needs to match 100%
  • Contact Name
  • Job Title
  • Job Number - this can be left blank if you would like Formtize to automatically assign Job numbers
  • Order Number
  • Notes
  • Assign To - needs to match the User name exactly (eg: if assigned to 'admin' the name in this column must be exactly that with no extra information)
  • Additional Assignees - same as above, separated by a semi colon ( : )
  • Priority - this has a dropdown list and is set to Low by default if there is no column in the CSV
  • Location
  • Site Name
  • Due Date - Required, or it will create the jobs from the date of import. Correct format required (see point 2). 
  • End Date - Required, or it will end the jobs on an undefined date. Correct format required (See point 2). 
  • Due Time - Required field or job will start from time of import, 24 hour format  (see point 3)
  • End Time - Required field or job length will be undefined, 24 hour format  (see point 3)
  • Job Type - this is a dropdown list, but can be left unselected if there are different job types in the CSV (they will need to be edited later)
  • Form Completion Rule - this is a dropdown, can be left unselected if there are none or different form rules
  • Sales Person
  • Sales Source
  • Confirmed - this is only a checkmark so doesn't require a column in the CSV
  • Recurring Job - this is only a checkmark so doesn't require a column in the CSV

2. Date format MUST be correct. If using Excel, Date cells must be formatted as “Date.” For CSV, ideal date format is MM/DD/YYYY (it needs to be in either American format (MM/DD/YYYY - 04/16/2019) or YYYY/MM/DD (2019/04/16) or DD/MMM/YYYY (e.g. 16 Apr 2019) otherwise it will create the jobs incorrectly from the date they were imported)

3. Time format MUST be correct, if using Excel, Time cells must be formatted as “Time”. For CSV, ideal time format is HH:MM

4. To assign the Jobs to Users, the Username in the import document MUST match the Formitize Username exactly.

Note: If you want the Users full name to appear in the Form, you must add their full name to the source document as a separate column in addition to the Username and apply that field to the correct form field.


5. In the Web Portal, go to Jobs > Import Jobs


6. Click on the field where it asks, and select the CSV of the jobs you'd like to import from your saved files.

Note: you will need to have a saved CSV file saved on your computer, to upload it to Formitize.

7. Once you have uploaded the file, you will be brought to the next step, where you will be asked what forms to attach to the jobs, if any. This is best used if the Jobs are the same Job Type.

After selecting the relevant Job Forms (if there are any you want connected to the jobs), scroll to the next section.

8. This is where you will connect sections of the uploaded file to Job information areas that Formitize requests. To do so, hover over each field and you will see a green Import button. Click on that.

9. A modal will pop up then, giving you the options from all the columns of the CSV document that you uploaded. When you select a red Tag, the “Selected Tags” will show you what you have selected so far and the “Preview” will show you examples of the data to be imported by using that tag. You can add multiple tags to each field.

For example: [_streetNumber_] [_streetName_] [_suburb_] can all be put into the address line to show a full address if they have separate columns in the imported file.

In the below example, the Client Name 'Import' option has been chosen. But in the document, that is listed as the Billing Name, so that is what has been selected. And I can check whether it represents the correct information by looking at the Preview.

If the incorrect tag has been chosen, you can delete the Text String and select another.

You can also add free text to the input “Text String” with or without tags and the free text will also appear in the uploaded job form(s).

10. Once you have matched all of the tags to the form fields, scroll back up to the import tabs and hit “Save.”

11. If you do not assign a User, the job will still be created. However, it will need to be assigned manually from the Job Dispatcher. The same will apply if you have assigned a Username that does not correspond to a current active Formitize user (remember the name must match the Formitize user name).

12. Once saved, move to the Jobs tab in the main menu bar and select “View Jobs” – if the import was done successfully, all jobs will be visible there and ready to assign. If you have tagged a valid user, the Jobs will be automatically assigned to the User and dispatched.

13. For high volume imports the status may be “Creating” while the solution syncs and processes the data.

14. You can always view the history of existing / past imported files by going to Jobs > Import Jobs, in the right side of the screen is the list of previous imports that have been made.

Note: To make life easier for your Job Importers, we can, if necessary, change the name of the form fields to match the import document headings if they are always the same so that it becomes a straight like for like match. E.g. Client Name (red tag) = Client Name (Form field name)