Yes, you can upload/import your existing jobs into Formitize, Jobs > Import Jobs

Before importing jobs, please review the following checklist.

1. The golden rule of any import is the end result is only as good as the data source, or put another way, “Rubbish in – Rubbish out”. The importing document must therefore be a “clean import” with all data in the same consistent format throughout.

2. Date format MUST be correct. If using Excel, Date cells must be formatted as “Date.” For CSV, ideal date format is MM/DD/YYYY (it needs to be in either American format (MM/DD/YYYY - 04/16/2019) or YYYY/MM/DD (2019/04/16) or DD/MMM/YYYY (e.g. 16 Apr 2019) otherwise it'll come in botched up)

3. Time format MUST be correct, if using Excel, Time cells must be formatted as “Time”. For CSV, ideal time format is HH:MM

4. To assign the Jobs to Users, the Username in the import document MUST match the Formitize Username. Note: If you want the Users full name to appear in the Form, you must add their full name to the source document as a separate column in addition to the Username and apply that field to the correct form field.

5. Once you have imported the document, please check the import stats in the top right hand corner of the page to verify a clean upload.

a. Tab Name – this matches the name of the spreadsheet tab

b. Sheet x/x – this indicates the sheet number being imported and the number of sheets recognised. If there are multiple sheets, these will be done in order or you can “skip” sheet by hitting the “Skip Sheet” button.

c. XX entries – THIS IS IMPORTANT – this figure tells you the number of jobs being imported from this sheet or source document. PLEASE CHECK THIS NUMBER CORRESPONDS TO THE NUMBER OF JOBS IN THE SOURCE DOCUMENT – if it doesn’t, something is incorrect and needs to be rectified before importing.

6. Next step is to assign the column headings in the source document to the Job Details Template and if appropriate, to the Form/s being Dispatched.

7. The assigning process is a simple “Drag and Drop” function. Scroll over the field in the Job Dispatcher and an “Import” button will appear underneath the field. Click on Import button and a new window will appear showing you all of the available fields as red “tag” buttons to match up. These tags correspond to the column headings in your source document.

8. For example, match “Assign User” field in the Job Dispatcher to the “Employee Name” button in your source document.

9. When you select a red Tag, the “Selected Tags” will show you what you have selected so far and the “Preview” will show you examples of the data to be imported by using that tag – just to be sure. You can add multiple tags to each field for example, [streetNumber] [streetName] [suburb] can all be put into the address line to show the full address.

10. You can also add free text to the input “Text String” with or without tags and the free text will also appear in the uploaded job form.

11. Once you have matched all of the tags to the form fields, hit “Save.”

12. If you do not assign a User, the job will still be created. However, it will need to be assigned manually from the Job Dispatcher. The same will apply if you have assigned a Username that does not correspond to a current active Formitize user (remember the name must match the Formitize user name).

13. Progress through all sheets of data or “skip” those that are not to be imported and hit “Save.”

14. Once saved, move to the Jobs tab in the main menu bar and select “View Jobs” – if the import was done successfully, all jobs will be visible there and ready to assign. If you have tagged a valid user, the Jobs will be automatically assigned to the User and dispatched.

15. For high volume imports the status may be “Creating” while the solution syncs and processes the data.

16. To view the Import Information and details, select the “Existing” tab next to “Import” at the top of the Import Jobs screen – this will show a history of the imported job files.

To make life easier for your Job Importers, we can, if necessary, change the name of the form fields to match the import document headings if they are always the same so that it becomes a straight like for like match. E.g. Customer Name (red tag) = Customer Name (Form field name)