Smart, mobile and fully integrated.

The Formitize Asset Management Module benefits from the seamless integration with other Modules including CRM Customer Database, Client Locations, Job Management, Recurring Job Profiles and Smart Forms.

The Asset Register is your central asset database. The Register shows all of your assets and key asset details for each individual asset. Different Asset Types are managed under separate tabs.

Each asset has a dedicated Asset Card that stores and manages all information and details related to the Asset.

Smart forms can be built to manage and record all of the different activities linked to an asset. Different forms can access different information from the Asset Card for each different scenario such as: Maintenance, Work Orders, Inspections, Audits, Safety Checks, Activity Monitoring.

You can use the drag and drop Form Builder to create your own smart forms exactly as you need them – to collect and report on exactly what your business requires (or send the form to us and we’ll build it for you!).

The smart forms can both pull information from, and push information back, to update the Asset Register automatically. All forms that interact with an Asset are recorded in the Forms tab of the Asset Card so that the source of all related forms and changes can be instantly viewed and tracked.

The Asset Management module automatically links to the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module so all clients, contacts and locations are automatically connected.

An “Asset” tab in the Contact page of the CRM lists all Assets related to that client.

This enables instant instant communication with account contacts, automated communications, task management, job visibility, document management and everything automatically recorded.

A QR code is automatically generated for each asset added to the Register. You can still use your own asset numbering and barcode systems, however the QR code provides a direct link to the Asset Card from the field. Users with permission can simply scan the QR code in the field to access the Asset Card and all related asset information. This is especially useful in viewing the Asset History and Notes and in viewing the related Asset Resource Documents such as Operating Manuals, Licences and Safety Material.

To Opt in to the Assets Module and experience management and integration of your Asset information with Formitize, then you can click here and complete the form.