Yes, you can. 

But what happens if you have different types of sales processes for different types of clients? For example, you may provide quick and simple services for residential clients and then another team providing far more involved services for commercial clients. The two different types of sale may require different approaches and time frames and therefore completely different stages to each pipeline flow. This is very difficult to achieve with a single pipeline.

You can have as many different pipelines as you need for the different sales processes that you have. Each pipeline can have its own customisable stages meaning you can really focus on each lead within each pipeline and ensure the process and automated communications are perfectly suited to your business.

To create a new Pipeline, Web Portal > CRM > Lead Pipeline > Pipelines > + Add Another Pipeline

To edit the stages of the pipeline once its created select Pipeline Stages and the Pipeline that you would like to edit to change the stages of the pipeline.

In the App, you select the Pipeline first and then the Stage menu auto-adjusts to show you the stages for the selected Pipeline. You can then view the individual leads and their detail.


This feature enables you to create very customized pipelines to closely manage every different type of lead flow in your business.