Merging of duplicated contacts can be managed in the Web Portal and cannot be undone. This feature is not available in the App. 

To access the Merge tool, Web Portal > Contacts > Select one of the contacts that you would like to merge > in the Contacts panel > edit > +Merge.

You then select the two contacts that you wish to merge.

As you can see below, you have two fields: “Merging From” and “Merging To”. If there are two contacts with the same or similar names, it will auto-populate this to help. Otherwise, simply select the Contacts from the dropdown list.

The Formitize Merge Wizard will then guide you through the merging options depending on the information held for each Contact;

The Merge Wizard lets you know what is going to be merged. In the example above there are 35 Forms, 56 Jobs, 13 Recurring Jobs and 2 Reminders that will be transferred from one contact to the other.

You can select individual People within each Contact to assign the information as shown below:

You can also merge from one Contact Location to another using the Locations dropdown as shown below:

You can also Merge Contacts from your CRM Contacts list. To do this, when in the Contacts List, check the box on the table for the two contacts you wish to merge using the Actions dropdown.

You will see below the two merge options appear depending on the “From” and “To” that you wish to choose:

This can also be done when in Contacts > Search for the contacts you would to merge > Select Contacts > Merge > Ensure that the correct contact is merging into the other > Next Step >

After selecting next step it will direct you to another marge to complete the merge. Ensure the box is checked and you Understand that the action cannot be undone. 

Tip: If the contacts are identical to each other adding in a full stop at the end of one name will help you to differentiate each contact.