The integration is designed to be as seamless as possible once setup and will continue to work with little to no intervention on your part. 

Below are the details of how Formitize interacts with your Mailchimp account:

  • After you setup the Mailchimp integration in your Formitize account, all of the Contacts of your chosen Contact Types are sent over to Mailchimp.

  • New Contacts that are added to the Formitize CRM are automatically sent across to Mailchimp

  • Edits to existing Contacts are automatically sent across to Mailchimp

  • Each Contact’s First Name, Last Name and Email are sent.

  • If no email exists on the Contact, the Contact is not sent to Mailchimp

  • If a Contact already exists in Mailchimp (including prior to integrating with Formitize), the details of the contact from Formitize are used to update the existing Contact

  • If a Contact is deleted from Formitize, that Contact is NOT deleted or archived from Mailchimp. The Contact will need to be removed from within your Mailchimp account. 

  • The integration is “one way”. Formitize passes information to Mailchimp but does not “pull” information from Mailchimp. Contacts added to Mailchimp but not to Formitize will not be synchronized back to Formitize.

  • If the Mailchimp integration profile is updated to use a different Contact Type, any previously Contacts that have been pushed to Mailchimp will remain in Mailchimp - they will NOT be removed automatically. Any new Contacts from the newly chosen Contact Type will be pushed to Mailchimp shortly after saving the Integration Profile

Set up your Mailchimp Integration here.