All information that you see in the Jobs list can be customised with the use of Smart Tables. This allows flexibility when looking for information by managing what you are wanting to see on that page.

To view your Jobs list in the Web Portal >Jobs >View Jobs

Below is a list of some ways you can customise your view in the Jobs List:

  • Add as many custom views as you like by applying the necessary filters to show the relevant information. These views can be saved and shared with the user and/or user groups you want to see this information. A filter can also be applied to a single column to narrow down the information further. Custom views are also able to be deleted if or when you no longer need it
  • Add or remove additional columns to help sort information
  • Apply or run actions against specific jobs. This is useful when needing to do something in bulk such as assigning, confirming or deleting jobs
  • By sorting the information in the columns to be in a particular oder. For example; you can have the due date of a job to be Descending to show the most recent due date at the top of that column.
  • Using Quick links to take you to the Scheduler and bring up the Job card to view the job details and/or edit while staying on the same page. Quick Links can also take you into the job card in a seperate page. These are displayed on the right hand side as the Calendar, Pencil and Arrow
  • By using the pre filled date range or calendar date range