Taking notes for the Job can be made during the Job creation process and during the job process through the job itself. This can include any additional information that a field agent may need to have or make note of when completing the job. This can be done via the Web Portal, as well as the App.

Through the Web Portal > Jobs > either New Job or select the existing Job > Job Details > Latest Note (add note) > Save / Save & Dispatch for the notes to be saved to the Job or editing a job through the job list or scheduler. 

Alternatively, go to Scheduler > select the Job you'd like to add the note to > Edit Job > Latest Note (add note) > Save / Dispatch.

Through the App you can go to Jobs > New Job or Swipe left on existing Job and Edit > scroll to Notes (add note)> Save.

Or, go via Diary > tap Job to open it > Edit > scroll to Notes (add note) > Save.

Another way to add notes in the App is to Open the job, rather than Edit. When you open it, you have the options to view notes for the Job, the Location, and the Client.

When you click on any of these, you will be able to view and / or add notes and documents related to each of those elements.