To create a job through a form you can do this by creating a Form or a Web Form which could then be used on your website. This can be a great way for your customers to book in a job/service at their convenience on your website or any other communication. 

When a job is created through a form, it can book a customer in for a job with or without a job type. Having a job type as part of the job creation can have communication automatically sent. It will then be created as a job in the Scheduler. You are also able to have it create a CRM contact and/or a lead.

Creating Form Actions set the data of where the information will be populated to in the job. Form actions can also have conditions to streamline the process further.

For Example; Under Action Type you can select Create Job. This will then create a job and send any communication (future reminders and job status updates ) that is attached to that job type that you have created in a Job Type Template. You can also have that Job be assigned to a certain person as a set condition in the form.

In your Web Portal > Forms > Build Form Template ( You can use an exisiting Job Booking form if you have one or create a new one) > Ensure Web forms have been Enabled > Create a form > Save and Deploy once the form is complete > Create Actions > + Add Condition.

When including a preferred date and time or this has not been made a mandatory field and is left , it will create a job for the date and time that the form has been submitted.