If you are needing to move a job you can Assign the job to Queue. This will un-assign the job to anyone it was assigned to and wont be visible in the Scheduler or in the Diary on the App unless you adjust the filters to show this. When that job has surpassed the due date it will show as an overdue job. 

Any Job Status Update communication that is set to go out when the job is assigned will still go out if the time and date selected is upcoming. The job will show as overdue in the Scheduler when the original date of the job has passed.

Queued Jobs can be viewed in the App > Diary > Select the people in the top right > Queued > Select Arrow in the top Left.

When you are wanting to book the job in again, this can be done in the Web Portal > Jobs > Active Jobs > Search for Queued Jobs by changing the filter to Assigned as Queue > Select the job > Assign to the Person or Group with the correct date and time

To re-schedule the job in the App > Jobs > Queue >Swipe to the left > Re-Schedule > Enter Details > Reschedule.