After a recurring job has been created, the job dates can separately be moved or changed around, but if you wish to change the details for all future recurring visits, then you will need to edit the Recurring Job Profile.

This can be found a number of ways.

In the scheduler, click on the job that the recurring profile is associated with, there is an option to Edit Recurring Profile.

If you're in the individual job, you can also access the Recurring Profile by choosing the 'Recurring' tab, and then clicking on Edit.

You can also search the Recurring Job, by going to Jobs > Recurring Job Profiles in the Web Portal.

These will all take you to the Recurring Profile, and from there you can edit what you need to, much like you would edit a regular job. The extra option you have is to also change the recurring details such as days, times and frequency of jobs when you go to the Recurring tab. You can also add attachments here that will be added to all Recurring jobs that are created after the edit has been made.

Once you've chosen Dispatch on the Recurring Job Profile, then all those changes will apply to future jobs that are created after the edit has been made. Jobs that have already been created and scheduled will need to be manually edited.