When there are multiple Users assigned to a single Job, it may require all of the Job assignees to complete all of the Job forms before being able to fully complete the Job.

If you only need one of the Job Assignees to complete the Job forms, this can be easily solved. To do this, you can add a new Sub header to the form template with a Yes or No multiple choice question, asking if you are the one responsible for completing the form. If you have selected "No", the rest of the form will become invisible. The Sub header will not be visible on the PDF and only visible for those who are assigned to the job.

To do this in your Web Portal > ‘Forms’ > ‘View Form Templates’ > Select the Form Template > ‘Form Builder’ > Drag and drop a Sub header from the ‘Toolbox’ into the form > Click on the new Sub header in the form >  Deselect the ‘Appear in PDF’ box under the ‘Field Settings’ on the right hand side.

Now, drag and drop a ‘Radio Button’ field from the ‘Multiple Choice’ options in the ‘Toolbox’ > Add ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ into the Items list in the ‘Field Settings’ on the right hand side > Select the ‘Required’ checkbox to ensure the question is answered before submitting the form.

To make the form invisible for the assignees that don’t need to complete the form, you will need to create an event on the Radio Button that was created in the new Sub header > ‘Events’ > Under New Events select ‘No’ > Drag ‘Make Invisible’ to each other Sub header in the form. This will make the rest of the form invisible for the assignees who are not responsible for completing the form. When you are finished making these changes, you can  ‘Deploy/Publish Template’ to save the changes.

If you are selecting ‘No’ and have a Form Action to automatically send a copy of the form to your client (or someone else) when the form has been submitted, you will need to create a ‘Condition’ on the Form Action so that this form will no longer be sent to the regular recipient. 

To do this from the Form Builder > Select ‘Actions’ > Select the action that is triggering the communication > ‘+ Add Condition’ > Select the question in the form from the drop down where it asks if you are responsible for completing the form > Select Equals from the second drop down menu > Check the box next to Yes > ‘Save Actions’. 

This means that the form / report will only be sent when this question has been answered as ‘Yes’.