Using an Email PDF action will allow you to send an email to a designated email address (or addresses) when the form has been Submitted.

This function differs from the Email option, because it will send a PDF attachment of the Form Report, where as Email Action sends the form as the body of the email.

It also differs from the Email PDF with Attachments action, as this one sends the form that has been filled out and submitted as the PDF, whereas the other allows you to select a specific PDF attachment to send when the form is submitted. (See: Can my form email a specific PDF file with attachments when submitted?)

In order to add an Email Action to your Form, go to Forms > View Form Templates > choose the edit arrow for the template you would like the action added to > Actions tab > + New Action. Then you can select Email PDF in the Action type dropdown.

Once you've edited the settings for the Email PDF Action, then new forms created with the from template will automatically send the report as an email to the specified recipients upon Submission.

If you would like a Custom Report PDF (a report that is unique for your business/needs) then you can contact our Professional Services team for a quote: (remember to provide contact details so that someone can get back to you).

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