You're able to separate Assets by Zones in a form by adding additional CRM Zone fields connected to specific Asset tables to be able to report on each separate Zone.

You can do this in your Web Portal by going to Forms > View Form Templates > Select the edit arrow of the form you'd like to edit > Form Builder, and then drag and drop the CRM Zone element above the Asset table that you would like connected to that specific Zone.

Next, select the Asset Table, and in the properties on the right hand side, you want to connect the Zone Element to the Asset Table by selecting the Zone Element from the dropdown. It does help ease any confusion if the Object names for the Zones and Asset Tables are edited to something easy to match them together with, if using multiple Zones for Assets.

Once you've done that, then you can Save Draft, and Deploy / Publish Template, and the Assets will be separated by Zones.

If you'd like to know more about linking Assets to a form, follow the below link to the User Guide article. The steps provided above can be repeated for each Asset table that you'd like attached to a different Zone. There is also a link to a webinar video below which covers Asset Management.