In the Form Builder, when you drag and drop the CRM Client element onto the form, it creates a field that will allow you so run a search through your Contacts list when you are filling out the form. In the properties of this element, you can then change the name of the element in the Question field, to whatever you would like the title in the form to be for that field.

Other Field Settings of interest are:

  • Display Setting: Choose to display both the Billing and Contact names, or just one of them in the field
  • Search Mode: Select whether you wish the field to search for your client via the Contact or Location information
  • Location Element: This can only be used if you have a CRM Location element in the form as well, it will link the CRM Location Element to the CRM Client Element

After those settings options for the CRM Client field itself, there is then a list of dropdown options for all of the Contact Fields, including any Custom fields that you created. From here, you can select any of the fields in the form which you would like to be automatically populated with information when a Contact has been selected in the CRM Client field.

This also works for Custom variables that you may have set up for your Contacts.

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