When a new Recurring Profile is created, you will need to add an extra +1 to the number of times that you would like it to be scheduled. This is because when a new Recurring Profile is created, it will count the first job created with it as one of the Recurring jobs.

Eg. If a Recurring Profile is created for the 10th, and there is a follow-up required in 14 days, then the Recurring Profile will need to have the frequency of scheduled jobs as 14 days (or fortnightly), and the Job Count set as 2.

Please note: This is the same if you are creating a New Recurring Profile from an already existing Job. If you use a Job Count of 1 as an end type, then it will count the current job that the Recurring Profile is being created from as that single recurrence, and so will not schedule any further Jobs.

Eg: Selecting a job that is already booked for the 24th, and wish to return there in a fortnight. If I select 1 as the Job Count End type, then it does not schedule another job, because it counts the original job in the intervals.