When a company's logo is uploaded to the Formitize web portal, the image will keep it's proportions when it is shrunk down to be used in different places. Most often, the bigger the image in size, the better it will display on forms.

However, logos with fine lines or small text will always blur, as the image is shrunk down to 60 pixels tall, which does not leave enough pixels for fine details.

When displayed in the Web Portal, the dimensions are: 

   height: 60px max

   width: 180px max

(The image size will shrink down to fit these dimensions.)

The maximum ratio for a logo then is 1:3, however its width can be shorter, since the image will always be aligned to the right in the portal.

In PayNow, the max height for a Logo is 80px, and the image will shrink to fit that as well.