A Formitize User is classified as anyone in your business that will need access to your Formitize Account, whether they are Admin or Office Staff, or Technicians out in the Field.

Everyone in your business can be added to your Formitize Account as User by selecting Users in the menu running across the top of your Formitize Web Portal, and then click on New User.

From this page you can add in the Users details, and select what type of User this person is (Field Agent, Admin, Portal User). You can also create unique login details for each of your Users from this page, once a user is created they will receive an automatic email with their login details, User Group/s can also be allocated to a new user upon creating the user or editing it later. 

Once this User is created, you will be redirected to their User Profile, where you can adjust the permissions of your Users, limiting what they are able to see in the Formitize Account.

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