Zones are something that you can attach to specific locations / addresses, in order to point out specific areas within that location. This could be somewhere in particular to inspect, or where something has been set up and requires attention whenever there is a job related to the address.

To add a zone to a Location, go to Web Portal > CRM > Contacts > select the contact you wish to edit > Locations > Expand/Contract symbol > Zones > + Add. Then you can enter the name you would like to call the Zone and select Add.

The Zone will now show up under the Location, when you select the Zones list.

Zones can be used in Jobs, in Forms that pull Locations from the CRM, and in Assets as well, to indicate the specific area for an asset. We have some other Articles related to the use of Zones:

They can also be searched in the Contacts list, by going to CRM > Contacts > Zones tab. Using the smart table, you can also select or change the columns information and how you would like the table to appear personally by saving the View.

By default, the zones are listed beside the location address, so if you're unsure of an address but do know the zone, you can search in the table. You can also select a Zone and choose to archive or delete it from the table view.