New Tasks can be created automatically via a Form Action, an Update Status, or Future Reminder.

New Tasks can also be manually created in the Web Portal > Task > + New Task. This will bring up the Task drawer on the right side of your screen, where you will be able to:

  • Edit the Task details and type
  • Assign a User
  • Select the Due Date and Time
  • Create new or use existing Checklist templates
  • Add tags related to a Client, a Job or a Form

Once you have added the relevant information, you can  click Save to create the Task. Once the required Task has been completed, you can click on the dropdown beside Save, and select Complete in the dropdown to mark it as done. You can also select Close in the dropdown, to save the checklist but close the Task.

The new checklist will update for new tasks and will not update for existing tasks that have been created before the changes were made.