In the Form Builder, there is an extensive range of fields that can be utilised for form building, to help achieve any report that you would like to create for your business. This article will go through them with brief explanations for each of them. There are also videos that showcase the Form Builder and what can be achieved with it.

To edit a form in the Form Builder, go to the Web Portal > Forms > View Form Templates > Edit arrow for the template you would like to edit > Form Builder.

In the left hand side of the screen will be the Toolbox. This is where you will find the Form fields that you can use. Below is a breakdown of the Toolbox sections and links to articles related to the different form fields.



CRM elements will access information that is connected to Contact and Asset information that is saved to your Formitize account in order to auto-populate, add or edit the information in a form. 

Asset fields can be utilised when the Asset Management add-on is activated in your account.

Page Layout

These options are used for formatting the PDF report for your form template, ensuring that sections and information is clearly defined and separated.

Entry Fields

Entry Fields are standard information fields in a form. These are basic fields that a User will typically be using most of the time when completing a form.

Multiple Choice

These fields are designed for questions on the form that require preset answers, allowing users to select from predefined options. For more in-depth explanation, click on the article below:

These fields incorporate additional logic. To learn more about each of them, you can select from a list of articles below: