There are a number of different integrations that can be set up with Formitize. Below is a list of examples and articles related to them.

Accounting integrations (such as Xero and Quickbooks):

 > Accounting software integration

 > Integrating CRM invoicing with your accounting software

 > Why would I use Xero?

 > How do I integrate with Xero?

 > Xero invoice settings

 > What do I do if the Formitize / Xero integration breaks or stops working?

 > How do I remove my Xero integration from my Formitize account?

 > Who can help me set up my Xero account?

Mailchimp, setting up bulk emailing:

 > How do I integrate with Mailchimp?

 > How does Mailchimp integration work?

 > What does the Mailchimp integration do?

 > Is Formitize and Mailchimp a two-way integration?

 > Will my Formitize contacts go through to my Mailchimp account?

 > If I change the contact type in Formitize, will it change in Mailchimp?

 > If I delete a contact in Formitize, will it delete in Mailchimp?

Stripe payment integrations:

 > How do I integrate with Stripe?

 > Can I take card payments with Formitize?

 > Can a client pay a CRM invoice online?

Other API based integrations:

 > How can I access the Formitize API?

 > What can the Formitize API do?

 > Invoicing API settings

 > Asset API functions

 > Look up database API functions

 > Locations API functions

 > Form and form template API functions

 > Client and contact API functions

 > Jobs API functions

Workflow automation systems such as Zapier or Power BI, that link various kinds of systems together:

 > Does Formitize integrate with other software?

Webhooks that are available through forms and jobs:

 > What is a webhook?

 > What can a webhook do?

 > Webhook functions